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<p>MissileLauncher is a simple program that controls Dream Cheeky USB missile launchers.
You control the left/right/up/down orientation of the launcher using the accelerometer.
Tilt the tablet to change the direction of the launcher. Pressing the <strong>Fire</strong> button will fire one missile.</p>
<p>This program serves as an example of the following USB host features:</p>
<li>filtering for multiple devices based on vendor and product IDs (see <code>device_filter.xml</code>)</li>
<li>Sending control requests on endpoint zero that contain data</li>
<li>Receiving packets on an interrupt endpoint using a thread that calls
{@link android.hardware.usb.UsbRequest#queue queue()} and {@link android.hardware.usb.UsbDeviceConnection#requestWait requestWait()}.</li>