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<p>This sample demonstrates how to create a text to speech engine
that users can install on their devices.</p>
<p>The application includes a service and two activities:</p>
a simple text to speech engine that converts sentences into audio by
generating a square wave of a given frequency for each alphabet of a
given language. Though this doesn't qualify as speech (except for robots)
it exercises all aspects of the new text to speech API
by subclassing the
<a href="../../../reference/android/speech/tts/TextToSpeechService.html"><code>TextToSpeechService</code></a>
framework class.
an activity that checks that all voice related data is installed and
a settings screen for users to set various engine parameters. This is
usually accessed by users from the system wide settings app. This must be
declared in the <code>AndroidManifest.xml</code> file as a
<code>meta-data</code> element.</li>
<!-- TODO: Fix this when the API level for ICS is finalized -->
<p>Note that this API is supported only on Android 4.0 (API level 13)
and higher versions of the platform.</p>