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<p>A sample application that demonstrates Android's search framework.</p>
<p>This application includes a dictionary of words. By invoking the Android search dialog inside the
app (via the device search button or Menu > Search), you can perform a search
across the dictionary. As you type, suggestions will appear, which you can select
to view the complete definition. You can also execute the search to view all word definitions
that match the entered text. The application also allows Quick Search Box (Android's system-wide
search) to provide dictionary suggestions.</p>
<p>The code in this application demonstrates how to:</p>
<li>Implement a search interface using Android's search framework</li>
<li>Provide custom search suggestions and offer them in Quick Search Box</li>
<li>Create an SQLite database and an FTS3 table for full-text searches</li>
<li>Create a <a href="../../../guide/topics/providers/content-providers.html">content
provider</a> to perform all search and suggestion queries</li>
<li>Use <code><a
href="../../../reference/android/widget/SimpleCursorAdapter.html">SimpleCursorAdapter</a></code> to
bind data from a Cursor to a ListView.</li>
<li>Updated for Android 3.0 to use the <a href="../../../guide/topics/ui/actionbar.html">Action
Bar</a> and the <code><a
href="../../../reference/android/widget/SearchView.html">SearchView</a></code> widget as an action item.
(Available in the <em>Samples for SDK API 11</em>.)</li>
<p>See also:</p>
<li><a href="../../../guide/topics/search/index.html">Search Developer Guide</a></li>
<p class="note"><strong>Note:</strong> For the original version of Searchable Dictionary, which
reads words from a file instead of a database and uses a custom <code><a
href="../../../reference/android/widget/BaseAdapter.html">BaseAdapter</a></code>, see the SDK
samples included with the platforms for API Level 4-6.</p>
<img src="../images/SearchableDictionary1.png" />
<img src="../images/SearchableDictionary2.png" />