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Drawing a rounded corner background on text

This sample shows how to draw a rounded corner background on text. It supports the following cases:

  • Set the background on one line text
  • Set the background on text over two or multiple lines
  • Set the background on right-to-left text


Depending on the position of the text, we need to draw four different drawables as text backgrounds:

  • Text fits on one line: we only need one drawable
  • Text fits on 2 lines: we need drawables for the start and end of the text
  • Text spans multiple lines: we need drawables for the start, middle and end of the text

The four drawables that need to be drawn depending on the position of the text:

To position the background, we need to:

  • Determine whether the text spans multiple lines
  • Find the start and end lines
  • Find the start and end offset depending on the paragraph direction

All of these can be computed based on the text Layout. To render the background behind the text we need access to the Canvas. A custom TextView has access to all of the information necessary to position the drawables and render them.

Our solution involves splitting our problem into 4 parts and creating classes dealing with them individually:

  • Marking the position of the background is done in the XML resources via Annotation spans and then, in the code, we read them in the TextRoundedBgHelper
  • Providing the background drawables as attributes of the TextView - implemented in TextRoundedBgAttributeReader
  • Rendering the drawables depending on whether the text runs across one or multiple lines - TextRoundedBgHelper interface and its implementations: SingleLineRenderer and MultiLineRenderer
  • Supporting custom drawing on a TextView - RoundedBgTextView, a class that extends AppCompatTextView, reads the attributes with the help of TextRoundedBgAttributeReader, overrides onDraw where it uses TextRoundedBgHelper to draw the background.

Getting Started

Clone this repository, enter the top level directory and run ./gradlew tasks to get an overview of all the tasks available for this project.

Some important tasks are:

assembleDebug - Assembles all Debug builds.
installDebug - Installs the Debug build.
connectedAndroidTest - Installs and runs the tests for Debug build on connected
test - Run all unit tests.



If you've found an error in this sample, please file an issue:

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