Sample template generator--work in progress.

Placed template outputs in src/template instead of src/main
Placed common files into src/common
Added src/common and src/template to .gitignore
Updated to Android tools .0.5.+

Fixed <common> tag handling
In this patch set: the promised refactoring. All templating logic is now in
separate plugin classes and all of the spaghetti and duplicate naming has been
eliminated. No additional functionality or templates, sorry. However, it should
be quite trivial to add extra templates.

1. Run developers/samples/android/common/build/sample-create <path to new sample>
2. Load new sample in Android Studio, let gradle do its thing
3. Edit SampleManifest.xml -- you at least need to add another <template> tag for the specific template you want.
4. Rebuild and add classes as necessary to fix compile errors.

To add your own template(s): Put code and/or Freemarker script into
a subdirectory of developers/samples/android/common/build/templates.

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