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Android DocumentCentricRecents Sample

Sample demonstrating the basic usage of the new ‘Document Centric Apps’ API. It let's you create new documents in the system overview menu and persists its state through reboots.


This sample shows the basic usage of the new Document-Centric Apps API. The new API modifies the meaning of the Intent#FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_WHEN_TASK_RESET flag, which is now deprecated. In versions before L it serves to define a boundary between the main task and a subtask. The subtask holds a different thumbnail and all activities in it are finished when the task is reset. In L this flag causes a full break with the task that launched it. As such it has been renamed to Intent#FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_DOCUMENT.

This sample mainly uses Intent flags in code. But Activities can also specify in their manifests that they shall always be launched into a new task in the above manner using the new activity attribute documentLaunchMode which may take on one of three values, “intoExisting” equivalent to NEW_DOCUMENT, “always” equivalent to NEW_DOCUMENT | MULTIPLE_TASK, “none” the default, and “never” which will negate the effect of any attempt to launch the activity with NEW_DOCUMENT.


  • Android SDK v22
  • Android Build Tools v22.0.1
  • Android Support Repository


Getting Started

This sample uses the Gradle build system. To build this project, use the “gradlew build” command or use “Import Project” in Android Studio.


If you've found an error in this sample, please file an issue:

Patches are encouraged, and may be submitted by forking this project and submitting a pull request through GitHub. Please see for more details.


Copyright 2014 The Android Open Source Project, Inc.

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