dexdump: Expand version check to allow 039 DEX files

Remove unused logic for extended bytecodes libdex/DexOpcodes.h which
breaks dexdump output for the const-method-type bytecode. This dates
back to 111221644 when there were raw and packed opcodes.

Add --no-clean option to the dx run-test script to use DEX file from
test to validate dexdump (dexdump is deprecated and has no tests of
it's own).

Bug: 117409365
Test: dalvik/dx/run-test --no-clean 142-const-method-handle && dexdump -d ${TEST_DIR}/constmethodhandle.dex
Change-Id: Id7aa87a7d1634d4ccd2a96fc4b27da36fbc28cc6
3 files changed