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* Unwind a frame from the Dalvik stack for compiled OP_RETURN_XXX.
* If the stored value in returnAddr
* is non-zero, the caller is compiled by the JIT thus return to the
* address in the code cache following the invoke instruction. Otherwise
* return to the special dvmJitToInterpNoChain entry point.
stmfd sp!, {r0-r2,lr} @ preserve live registers
mov r0, r6
@ r0=rSELF
ldr ip, .LdvmFastMethodTraceExit
blx ip
ldmfd sp!, {r0-r2,lr} @ restore live registers
SAVEAREA_FROM_FP(r0, rFP) @ r0<- saveArea (old)
ldr r10, [r0, #offStackSaveArea_prevFrame] @ r10<- saveArea->prevFrame
ldrb r8, [rSELF, #offThread_breakFlags] @ r8<- breakFlags
ldr rPC, [r0, #offStackSaveArea_savedPc] @ rPC<- saveArea->savedPc
ldr r2, [r10, #(offStackSaveArea_method - sizeofStackSaveArea)]
ldr r9, [r0, #offStackSaveArea_returnAddr] @ r9<- chaining cell ret
mov r9, #0 @ disable chaining
@ r2<- method we're returning to
cmp r2, #0 @ break frame?
beq 1f @ bail to interpreter
blxeq lr @ punt to interpreter and compare state
ldr r1, .LdvmJitToInterpNoChainNoProfile @ defined in footer.S
mov rFP, r10 @ publish new FP
ldr r10, [r2, #offMethod_clazz] @ r10<- method->clazz
str r2, [rSELF, #offThread_method]@ self->method = newSave->method
ldr r0, [r10, #offClassObject_pDvmDex] @ r0<- method->clazz->pDvmDex
str rFP, [rSELF, #offThread_curFrame] @ curFrame = fp
add rPC, rPC, #6 @ publish new rPC (advance 6 bytes)
str r0, [rSELF, #offThread_methodClassDex]
cmp r8, #0 @ check the break flags
movne r9, #0 @ clear the chaining cell address
str r9, [rSELF, #offThread_inJitCodeCache] @ in code cache or not
cmp r9, #0 @ chaining cell exists?
blxne r9 @ jump to the chaining cell
#if defined(WITH_JIT_TUNING)
mov r0, #kCallsiteInterpreted
mov pc, r1 @ callsite is interpreted
mov r0, #0
str r0, [rSELF, #offThread_inJitCodeCache] @ reset inJitCodeCache
stmia rSELF, {rPC, rFP} @ SAVE_PC_FP_TO_SELF()
ldr r2, .LdvmMterpStdBail @ defined in footer.S
mov r0, rSELF @ Expecting rSELF in r0
blx r2 @ exit the interpreter