Remove misleading line from dx.jar file.

Previously we had a line in the dx.jar file that indicates
that dx.jar is compiled with java 1.6. This was a lie and it has been
being compiled with java 1.8 for quite a while.

Bug: 28464522
Change-Id: Idc21295d7aca6afced16c46c16951a4aa66535d0
diff --git a/dx/src/ b/dx/src/
index b9673db..248f854 100644
--- a/dx/src/
+++ b/dx/src/
@@ -18,10 +18,6 @@
 LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS := optional
-# Force java 6 target because we want java 6 runtimes to run dx, at least as long as the android SDK
-# requirement JDK 6.
-LOCAL_JAVACFLAGS:= -source 6 -target 6