Deprecate <cutils/log.h> and <utils/Log.h>

This commit replaces <cutils/log.h> and <utils/Log.h> with <log/log.h>.

<cutils/log.h> has been moved to <log/log.h> for a while.  Both
<cutils/log.h> and <utils/Log.h> simply includes <log/log.h> for
backward compatibility.  This commit is a part of the effort to remove
<cutils/log.h> and <utils/Log.h> from the source tree eventually.

Bug: 78370064
Test: lunch aosp_walleye-userdebug && make && cd dalvik/libdex && mma
Change-Id: I4f7356ae998e3f2db695ad694c9b8fda98a4c15f
1 file changed