Fix an issue regarding FindClass and threads without native methods.

Chapter 4 of the JNI specification states that when FindClass is called
through the Invocation Interface and there is no associated method, the
result of ClassLoader.getBaseClassLoader() is used as the class loader.

Previously, the case where FindClass is called from a main thread was
special cased to ensure this behavior.  However, threads which attach to
the VM but are not the main thread require similar treatment.  With this
change those threads are similarly treated as a special case.

Change-Id: Idbe33e02a10d248262b9e9f089b033ffe05c4706
diff --git a/vm/Jni.cpp b/vm/Jni.cpp
index 741c393..7abe26e 100644
--- a/vm/Jni.cpp
+++ b/vm/Jni.cpp
@@ -1226,7 +1226,8 @@
         /* hack for JNI_OnLoad */
         assert(strcmp(thisMethod->name, "nativeLoad") == 0);
         loader = ts.self()->classLoaderOverride;
-    } else if (thisMethod == gDvm.methDalvikSystemNativeStart_main) {
+    } else if (thisMethod == gDvm.methDalvikSystemNativeStart_main ||
+               thisMethod == gDvm.methDalvikSystemNativeStart_run) {
         /* start point of invocation interface */
         if (!gDvm.initializing) {
             loader = trackedLoader = dvmGetSystemClassLoader();