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%verify "executed"
%verify "null object"
/* iput-wide-quick vA, vB, offset@CCCC */
mov r0, rINST, lsr #8 @ r0<- A(+)
mov r1, rINST, lsr #12 @ r1<- B
and r0, r0, #15
GET_VREG(r2, r1) @ r2<- fp[B], the object pointer
add r3, rFP, r0, lsl #2 @ r3<- &fp[A]
cmp r2, #0 @ check object for null
ldmia r3, {r0-r1} @ r0/r1<- fp[A]
beq common_errNullObject @ object was null
FETCH(r3, 1) @ r3<- field byte offset
FETCH_ADVANCE_INST(2) @ advance rPC, load rINST
strd r0, [r2, r3] @ obj.field (64 bits, aligned)<- r0/r1
GET_INST_OPCODE(ip) @ extract opcode from rINST
GOTO_OPCODE(ip) @ jump to next instruction