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%default {"volatile":"0"}
%verify "executed"
%verify "null object"
%verify "field already resolved"
%verify "field not yet resolved"
%verify "field cannot be resolved"
* Wide 32-bit instance field get.
/* iget-wide vA, vB, field@CCCC */
mov r0, rINST, lsr #12 @ r0<- B
ldr r3, [rSELF, #offThread_methodClassDex] @ r3<- DvmDex
FETCH(r1, 1) @ r1<- field ref CCCC
ldr r2, [r3, #offDvmDex_pResFields] @ r2<- pResFields
GET_VREG(r9, r0) @ r9<- fp[B], the object pointer
ldr r0, [r2, r1, lsl #2] @ r0<- resolved InstField ptr
cmp r0, #0 @ is resolved entry null?
bne .L${opcode}_finish @ no, already resolved
8: ldr r2, [rSELF, #offThread_method] @ r2<- current method
EXPORT_PC() @ resolve() could throw
ldr r0, [r2, #offMethod_clazz] @ r0<- method->clazz
bl dvmResolveInstField @ r0<- resolved InstField ptr
cmp r0, #0
bne .L${opcode}_finish
b common_exceptionThrown
* Currently:
* r0 holds resolved field
* r9 holds object
cmp r9, #0 @ check object for null
ldr r3, [r0, #offInstField_byteOffset] @ r3<- byte offset of field
beq common_errNullObject @ object was null
.if $volatile
add r0, r9, r3 @ r0<- address of field
bl dvmQuasiAtomicRead64 @ r0/r1<- contents of field
ldrd r0, [r9, r3] @ r0/r1<- obj.field (64-bit align ok)
mov r2, rINST, lsr #8 @ r2<- A+
FETCH_ADVANCE_INST(2) @ advance rPC, load rINST
and r2, r2, #15 @ r2<- A
add r3, rFP, r2, lsl #2 @ r3<- &fp[A]
GET_INST_OPCODE(ip) @ extract opcode from rINST
stmia r3, {r0-r1} @ fp[A]<- r0/r1
GOTO_OPCODE(ip) @ jump to next instruction