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* Generic 32-bit floating-point operation. Provide an "instr" line that
* specifies an instruction that performs "s2 = s0 op s1". Because we
* use the "softfp" ABI, this must be an instruction, not a function call.
* For: add-float, sub-float, mul-float, div-float
/* floatop vAA, vBB, vCC */
FETCH(r0, 1) @ r0<- CCBB
mov r9, rINST, lsr #8 @ r9<- AA
mov r3, r0, lsr #8 @ r3<- CC
and r2, r0, #255 @ r2<- BB
VREG_INDEX_TO_ADDR(r3, r3) @ r3<- &vCC
VREG_INDEX_TO_ADDR(r2, r2) @ r2<- &vBB
flds s1, [r3] @ s1<- vCC
flds s0, [r2] @ s0<- vBB
FETCH_ADVANCE_INST(2) @ advance rPC, load rINST
$instr @ s2<- op
GET_INST_OPCODE(ip) @ extract opcode from rINST
VREG_INDEX_TO_ADDR(r9, r9) @ r9<- &vAA
fsts s2, [r9] @ vAA<- s2
GOTO_OPCODE(ip) @ jump to next instruction