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* To support deadlock prediction, this version of MONITOR_ENTER
* will always call the heavyweight dvmLockObject, check for an
* exception and then bail out to the interpreter.
* On entry:
* r0 - self pointer
* r1 - the object (which has already been null-checked by the caller
* r4 - the Dalvik PC of the following instruction.
ldr r2, .LdvmLockObject
mov r3, #0 @ Record that we're not returning
str r3, [r0, #offThread_inJitCodeCache]
blx r2 @ dvmLockObject(self, obj)
@ test for exception
ldr r1, [rSELF, #offThread_exception]
cmp r1, #0
beq 1f
ldr r2, .LhandleException
sub r0, r4, #2 @ roll dPC back to this monitor instruction
bx r2
@ Bail to interpreter - no chain [note - r4 still contains rPC]
#if defined(WITH_JIT_TUNING)
mov r0, #kHeavyweightMonitor
ldr pc, .LdvmJitToInterpNoChain