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* For polymorphic callsites - setup the Dalvik frame and load Dalvik PC
* into rPC then jump to dvmJitToInterpNoChain to dispatch the
* runtime-resolved callee.
@ r0 = methodToCall, r1 = returnCell, rPC = dalvikCallsite
ldrh r7, [r0, #offMethod_registersSize] @ r7<- methodToCall->regsSize
ldrh r2, [r0, #offMethod_outsSize] @ r2<- methodToCall->outsSize
ldr r9, [rSELF, #offThread_interpStackEnd] @ r9<- interpStackEnd
ldrb r8, [rSELF, #offThread_breakFlags] @ r8<- breakFlags
add r3, r1, #1 @ Thumb addr is odd
SAVEAREA_FROM_FP(r1, rFP) @ r1<- stack save area
sub r1, r1, r7, lsl #2 @ r1<- newFp (old savearea - regsSize)
SAVEAREA_FROM_FP(r10, r1) @ r10<- stack save area
sub r10, r10, r2, lsl #2 @ r10<- bottom (newsave - outsSize)
cmp r10, r9 @ bottom < interpStackEnd?
bxlo lr @ return to raise stack overflow excep.
@ r1 = newFP, r0 = methodToCall, r3 = returnCell, rPC = dalvikCallsite
ldr r9, [r0, #offMethod_clazz] @ r9<- method->clazz
ldr r10, [r0, #offMethod_accessFlags] @ r10<- methodToCall->accessFlags
str rPC, [rFP, #(offStackSaveArea_currentPc - sizeofStackSaveArea)]
str rPC, [r1, #(offStackSaveArea_savedPc - sizeofStackSaveArea)]
ldr rPC, [r0, #offMethod_insns] @ rPC<- methodToCall->insns
@ set up newSaveArea
str rFP, [r1, #(offStackSaveArea_prevFrame - sizeofStackSaveArea)]
str r3, [r1, #(offStackSaveArea_returnAddr - sizeofStackSaveArea)]
str r0, [r1, #(offStackSaveArea_method - sizeofStackSaveArea)]
cmp r8, #0 @ breakFlags != 0
bxne lr @ bail to the interpreter
tst r10, #ACC_NATIVE
bne .LinvokeNative
bxne lr @ bail to the interpreter
ldr r10, .LdvmJitToInterpTraceSelectNoChain
ldr r3, [r9, #offClassObject_pDvmDex] @ r3<- method->clazz->pDvmDex
@ Update "thread" values for the new method
str r0, [rSELF, #offThread_method] @ self->method = methodToCall
str r3, [rSELF, #offThread_methodClassDex] @ self->methodClassDex = ...
mov rFP, r1 @ fp = newFp
str rFP, [rSELF, #offThread_curFrame] @ curFrame = newFp
stmfd sp!, {r0-r3} @ preserve r0-r3
mov r1, r6
@ r0=methodToCall, r1=rSELF
mov lr, pc
ldr pc, .LdvmFastMethodTraceEnter
ldmfd sp!, {r0-r3} @ restore r0-r3
@ Start executing the callee
#if defined(WITH_JIT_TUNING)
mov r0, #kInlineCacheMiss
mov pc, r10 @ dvmJitToInterpTraceSelectNoChain