Hide sample test from the test list

For some people the Sample code was causing confusion, and
it was not that clear for them that the intent of the code
is to provide a sample for people writing the test

Bug: 18284123
Change-Id: I703f3ac4b019a7888abfee4618fc5a68c7addea9
diff --git a/apps/CtsVerifier/AndroidManifest.xml b/apps/CtsVerifier/AndroidManifest.xml
index a638426..33f683b 100644
--- a/apps/CtsVerifier/AndroidManifest.xml
+++ b/apps/CtsVerifier/AndroidManifest.xml
@@ -1178,14 +1178,15 @@
-        <activity android:name=".sample.SampleTestActivity"
+        <!-- remove comment from the next activity to see the sample test surfacing in the app -->
+        <!-- activity android:name=".sample.SampleTestActivity"
                 <action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />
                 <category android:name="android.cts.intent.category.MANUAL_TEST" />
             <meta-data android:name="test_category" android:value="@string/test_category_other" />
-        </activity>
+        </activity -->
         <activity android:name=".widget.WidgetTestActivity"