Sets the Cts module SensorTestCases to always run in user0

This change fixes cts test testSanitizedContinuousEventsUidIdle that
fails to run in secondary user as call to set UID state idle with
cmd sensorservice set-uid-state currently only supports user 0.

This needs a fix for the sensorservice set-uid-state call to take
current user-id as argument which will be done later.

Bug: 128687779
Test: atest CtsSensorTestCases:SensorTest#testSanitizedContinuousEventsUidIdle
Change-Id: I748b9d086b9b3582e3418ed96568765dd056627d
diff --git a/tests/sensor/AndroidTest.xml b/tests/sensor/AndroidTest.xml
index 7137323..6b70e9c 100644
--- a/tests/sensor/AndroidTest.xml
+++ b/tests/sensor/AndroidTest.xml
@@ -17,6 +17,10 @@
     <option name="test-suite-tag" value="cts" />
     <option name="config-descriptor:metadata" key="component" value="location" />
     <target_preparer class="" />
+    <!-- Switch to run test in user 0 -->
+    <target_preparer class="">
+        <option name="user-type" value="system" />
+    </target_preparer>
     <target_preparer class="">
         <option name="cleanup-apks" value="true" />
         <option name="test-file-name" value="CtsSensorTestCases.apk" />