CameraITS scene4: Fix skip logic for same buffer size

Skip testing the combination of two configurations that
have the same format and total number of pixels, because
ITSSession.do_capture() does not support two simultaneous
captures with the same buffer size.

Bug: 130214845
Change-Id: Ibac3f8ba26b436b0cedbfa031cfa88216e09fe92
diff --git a/apps/CameraITS/tests/scene4/ b/apps/CameraITS/tests/scene4/
index 92dfd0d..a46d54c 100644
--- a/apps/CameraITS/tests/scene4/
+++ b/apps/CameraITS/tests/scene4/
@@ -334,8 +334,8 @@
                 h_iter = size_iter[1]
                 # Skip testing same format/size combination
                 # ITS does not handle that properly now
-                if (dual_target and w_iter == size_cmpr[0]
-                            and h_iter == size_cmpr[1]
+                if (dual_target
+                            and w_iter*h_iter == size_cmpr[0]*size_cmpr[1]
                             and fmt_iter == fmt_cmpr):
                 out_surface = [{"width": w_iter,