CTS5.1_r2 : Fix testActionNextAndPreviousAtGranularityLineOverTextExtend

Target CTS test case:
          -- testActionNextAndPreviousAtGranularityLineOverTextExtend

For ldpi devices, pixel size will be calculated by x0.75.
So if we use 10dip, calculated value is 7.5px. Then the value will be rounded to 8px.
However width is not considered this round-off error.
As a result, displayed text will be inserted line feed at irregular point.
Tha patch modify android:layout_width and android:textSize to multiples of 4.

Change-Id: Id6732f38aaf13efae8e190e9a83af181291444ca
Signed-off-by: Nao Tanaka <nao.tanaka.cy@kyocera.jp>
1 file changed