Disable SelfManagedConnectionServiceTest#testEmergencyCallOngoing.

Disable the SelfManagedConnectionServiceTest#testEmergencyCallOngoing
CTS test; it is relying on setting the RIL ECC List, which apparently
can't be done through a shell command any more.

This test is ultimately not required for completeness of the API, so I'm
going to disable it for now until the next release when we can add a
test API To support setting test emergency numbers during CTS runs.

Test: CTS
Bug: 36999709
Change-Id: I9d073c6c846a244f430376b293ef5ebe17703ba7
diff --git a/tests/tests/telecom/src/android/telecom/cts/SelfManagedConnectionServiceTest.java b/tests/tests/telecom/src/android/telecom/cts/SelfManagedConnectionServiceTest.java
index 5ace9ff..543831c 100644
--- a/tests/tests/telecom/src/android/telecom/cts/SelfManagedConnectionServiceTest.java
+++ b/tests/tests/telecom/src/android/telecom/cts/SelfManagedConnectionServiceTest.java
@@ -348,14 +348,19 @@
-    public void testEmergencyCallOngoing() throws Exception {
+    /**
+     * Disabled for now; there is not a reliable means of setting a phone number as a test emergency
+     * number.
+     * @throws Exception
+     */
+    public void DONOTtestEmergencyCallOngoing() throws Exception {
         if (!mShouldTestTelecom) {
+        // TODO: Need to find a reliable way to set a test emergency number.
         // Set 555-1212 as a test emergency number.
-        TestUtils.executeShellCommand(getInstrumentation(),
-                "setprop ril.ecclist 5551212");
+        TestUtils.executeShellCommand(getInstrumentation(), "setprop ril.ecclist 5551212");
         Bundle extras = new Bundle();