Fix car notification click issue for os test case

Click the top left point of notification in case its view center overlaps with notification panel handle bar on the bottom.

Test:run cts -m CtsOsTestCases -t android.os.cts.AppHibernationIntegrationTest#testUnusedApp_getsForceStopped --abi arm64-v8a
     run cts -m CtsOsTestCases -t android.os.cts.AutoRevokeTest#testUnusedApp_uninstallApp --abi arm64-v8a
     run cts -m CtsOsTestCases -t android.os.cts.AutoRevokeTest#testUnusedApp_getsPermissionRevoked --abi arm64-v8a

Bug: 269938893
Change-Id: Iee4780cf975d2d5aab781c55ff5e11c7b0a65ae1
Merged-In: Iee4780cf975d2d5aab781c55ff5e11c7b0a65ae1
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