New CTS Verifier case for Rotation Vector Sensor

Added a new Rotation Vector sensor verifier test, which uses phone pose
information generated computer vision algorithm to cross check the
data from the Rotation Vector sensor.

* Necessary resource is added for the new UI.
* OpenCV library stub is added with licence in order for the test to
call OpenCV functions. The heavy lifting native OpenCV library will be installed
in the form of an app from Play Store.
* CtsMedia*.java are code that also available in CTS but lives in
different package so that it is not be able to reused in this package.

This change was approved in Icf0784305e109bff4070e27854f8f81d5290da0e
and is cherry-picked into MNC dev branch with minor bug fixes and
improvements captured in I5313e096999c5dd33a28c96cf011de3385358afb.

Added additional requirement and exclusion rules to AndroidManifest
according to review suggestions.

Change-Id: I9889f4e027baa579346fd2802f7dd45a4cbb57dd
18 files changed