Video API CTS tests.

- Make test phone account video capable.
- Add placeAndVerifyCall prototype that accepts a videoState.
- Add "doWorkAndWaitUntilConditionIsTrueOrTimeout" method (builds on
"waitUntilConditionISTrue..." method.  This method will attempt to perform
some work (defined by interface Work) and check if the expected value is
found.  If it is not, the work is done again after a short sleep and the
condition is checked again.  This is used for some of the VideoProvider
tests where we need to get the VideoProvider to call some callbacks.
Ideally calling these callbacks should be posted to the VideoProvider's
Handler, but the Handler isn't accessible in the sub-classes. More
comments are in
- Add ability to create MockVideoProvider for connections.
- Add MockVideoProvider and MockVideoCallCallback.
- Add VideoCallTest class containing video call tests.
- Add VideoProfile helper tests.

Bug: 21802841
Change-Id: Ie35d53cfb1e1e4a8d11576a17e86123c2ec14498
8 files changed