Allow hidden features in L to not fail the features CTS verifier test

Following features was added as hidden


So while this is not meant to be used by 3rd-party apps, it could be declared by devices

Bug: 17579748
Change-Id: I0324ad8d59811a4569842fae712875176f71805c
diff --git a/apps/CtsVerifier/src/com/android/cts/verifier/features/ b/apps/CtsVerifier/src/com/android/cts/verifier/features/
index 6d3e7dc..74a5317 100644
--- a/apps/CtsVerifier/src/com/android/cts/verifier/features/
+++ b/apps/CtsVerifier/src/com/android/cts/verifier/features/
@@ -219,7 +219,12 @@
             new Feature(PackageManager.FEATURE_SENSOR_HEART_RATE_ECG, false),
             new Feature(PackageManager.FEATURE_SENSOR_RELATIVE_HUMIDITY, false),
             new Feature(PackageManager.FEATURE_VERIFIED_BOOT, false),
+            // New hidden features in L
             new Feature("android.hardware.ethernet", false),
+            new Feature("android.hardware.hdmi.cec", false),
+            new Feature("", false),
+            new Feature("", false),