Update ThemeTest golden images for xhdpi density.

We enabled text antialiasing in NYC MR1 and so the golden images
need to be updated as they are not "close enough" within the fudge
factor on xhdpi density.

Bug: 31681138
Test: tested by passing the test on Pixel C and Nexus 9 running N MR1
Change-Id: I12fda1c1e1d01b1289bddbe9b5da0c02aa5debf8
(cherry picked from commit f2658e89bbc914fb5ff6fbc03ae49f62a043a5fd)
diff --git a/hostsidetests/theme/README b/hostsidetests/theme/README
index b2ae8de..76902e4 100644
--- a/hostsidetests/theme/README
+++ b/hostsidetests/theme/README
@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@
      adb devices
   2. Image generation occurs on all devices in parallel. Resulting sets of
-     reference images are saved in assets/<api>/<dpi>.zip and will overwrite
+     reference images are saved in assets/<dpi>.zip and will overwrite
      any existing sets. Image generation may be started using:
diff --git a/hostsidetests/theme/assets/xhdpi.zip b/hostsidetests/theme/assets/xhdpi.zip
index 96d4ae0..cceab80 100644
--- a/hostsidetests/theme/assets/xhdpi.zip
+++ b/hostsidetests/theme/assets/xhdpi.zip
Binary files differ
diff --git a/hostsidetests/theme/run_theme_capture_device.py b/hostsidetests/theme/run_theme_capture_device.py
index 8d4c72f..a516717 100755
--- a/hostsidetests/theme/run_theme_capture_device.py
+++ b/hostsidetests/theme/run_theme_capture_device.py
@@ -97,7 +97,6 @@
     print "Found device: " + deviceSerial
     device = androidDevice(deviceSerial)
-    outPath = outPath + "/%d" % (device.getSdkLevel())
     density = device.getDensity()
     if CTS_THEME_dict.has_key(density):
         resName = CTS_THEME_dict[density]