CTS tests for single-source RS rsForEach

Bug: 23535985

Added CTS tests for the rsForEach API for Single-Source RenderScript.

Adjusted one existing CTS test (get_allocation.rs for GetAllocationTest)
to avoid calling the deprecated rsForEach API with a script argument.

Temporarily added the 0 target API level for all RenderScript tests, since
the new API rsForEach is not officially released yet. This would be
removed once the API is released, and assigned an official API level.

(cherry picked from commit 1b9f8e150fe79c0ef6e8d6c520aafe62dc234dad)

Change-Id: Ife5fd3e30de8c223dc7b5ea4d8c6c1a7a9e852f5
3 files changed