Media Performance Class CTS Tests

Current folder comprises of files necessary for testing media performance class.

The test vectors used by the test suite is available at link and is downloaded automatically while running tests. Manual installation of these can be done using script in this directory.


To run all tests in CtsMediaPerformanceClassTestCases

$ atest CtsMediaPerformanceClassTestCases

To run a subset of tests in CtsMediaPerformanceClassTestCases

$ atest CtsMediaPerformanceClassTestCases:android.mediapc.cts.FrameDropTest

To run all tests in CtsMediaPerformanceClassTestCases by overriding Build.VERSION.MEDIA_PERFORMANCE_CLASS

In some cases it might be useful to override Build.VERSION.MEDIA_PERFORMANCE_CLASS and run the tests. For eg: when the device doesn't advertise Build.VERSION.MEDIA_PERFORMANCE_CLASS, running the tests by overriding this will help in determining the which performance class requirements are met by the device. Following runs the tests by overriding Build.VERSION.MEDIA_PERFORMANCE_CLASS as S.

$ atest CtsMediaPerformanceClassTestCases -- --module-arg CtsMediaPerformanceClassTestCases:instrumentation-arg:media-performance-class:=31