android.keystore.cts: move KeyStoreTest from libcore

Need to increase the timeout for a test and the Makefile target
we need to add as to set the timeout (ctsdeviceutil) cannot be used
in libcore tests.

Anyway, this is more of an integration test that can live here with
high-level tests.

The timeout is needed as the test test_KeyStore_Builder is taking too
long on armeabi-v7a and making test bots unhappy.
Filed b/27810271 to check what is going on.

Adapted from commit 4d85f5290a823f3b326be568f6c962f9b155ea4a

Bug: 27806958
Bug: 27810271
Change-Id: I5fb6b44fd3376743c1363e7234863ff69a57d373
2 files changed