Fix CTS 4.4 R4 testHoloTheme test failure.

1. In CTS 4.4 R4, during testing testHoloTheme,
 comparing "datepicker" and "timepicker" was failed.
 On device side, the test of EditText at each picker cannot
 get correct layout. It may be timing issue in 4.4.2

2. So, I delete mViewGroup.measure() and mViewGroup.layout() in setUpUi().
 Due to these codes, child view cannot draw layout with correct font measuring value
 when ReferenceViewGroup called onLayout callback.
 It seems good for entrusting the measure of viewGroup to normal framework operation.

Change-Id: Ied848d27ab125896e5a9ff702c6838bf01d32c8d
Signed-off-by: Kang Lee <>
1 file changed