enlarge timeout for android.hardware.cts.CameraTest#testPreviewPictureSizesCombination.
Some device will support too many counts of preview sizes to finish test in time.

Change-Id: I3e924a6ec12f2f6c994cf7e40b62d7389240f2ef
diff --git a/tools/utils/host_config.xml b/tools/utils/host_config.xml
index 9c43528..c84c093 100644
--- a/tools/utils/host_config.xml
+++ b/tools/utils/host_config.xml
@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@
     <IntValue name="maxTestsInBatchMode" value="5000" />
     <!-- Max time [ms] between test status updates. -->
-    <IntValue name="testStatusTimeoutMs" value="300000" />
+    <IntValue name="testStatusTimeoutMs" value="600000" />
     <!-- Max time [ms] from start of package in batch mode and the first test status update. -->
     <IntValue name="batchStartTimeoutMs" value="1800000" />
     <!-- Max time [ms] from start of test in individual mode to the first test status update. -->