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The Android theme tests ensure that the Holo and Material themes have not been
modified. They consist of API-specific sets of reference images representing
specific themes and widgets that must be identical across devices. To pass the
theme tests, a device must be able to generate images that are identical to the
reference images.
NOTE: Reference images should only be updated by the CTS test maintainers. Any
modifications to the reference images will invalidate the test results.
I. Generating reference images (CTS maintainers only)
Reference images are typically only generated for new API revisions. To
generate a new set of reference images, do the following:
1. Connect one device for each DPI bucket (ldpi, xxxhdpi, etc.) that you wish
to generate references images for. Confirm that all devices are connected
adb devices
2. Image generation occurs on all devices in parallel. Resulting sets of
reference images are saved in assets/<api>/<dpi>.zip and will overwrite
any existing sets. Image generation may be started using:
A complete collection of reference images for a given API revision must include
a set for each possible DPI bucket (tvdpi, xxhdpi, etc.) that may be tested.
II. Building theme tests
1. If you have not already built the CTS tests, run an initial make:
make cts -j32
2. Subsequent changes to the theme tests, including changes to the reference
images, may be built using mmm:
mmm cts/hostsidetests/theme -j32
III. Running theme tests
1. Connect the device that you wish to test. Confirm that is is connected with:
adb devices
2. Run the theme tests using cts-tradefed:
cts-tradefed run cts -c android.theme.cts.ThemeHostTest
3. Wait for the tests to complete. This should take less than five minutes.