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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- Copyright (C) 2010 The Android Open Source Project
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
<string name="app_name">CTS Verifier</string>
<string name="welcome_text">Welcome to the CTS Verifier!</string>
<string name="version_text">%1$s</string>
<string name="continue_button_text">Continue</string>
<string name="pass_button_text">Pass</string>
<string name="info_button_text">Info</string>
<string name="fail_button_text">Fail</string>
<!-- Strings for TestListActivity -->
<string name="test_list_title">Manual Test List</string>
<string name="test_category_audio">Audio</string>
<string name="test_category_camera">Camera</string>
<string name="test_category_device_admin">Device Administration</string>
<string name="test_category_hardware">Hardware</string>
<string name="test_category_networking">Networking</string>
<string name="test_category_sensors">Sensors</string>
<string name="test_category_security">Security</string>
<string name="test_category_streaming">Streaming</string>
<string name="test_category_features">Features</string>
<string name="test_category_other">Other</string>
<string name="clear">Clear</string>
<string name="test_results_cleared">Test results cleared.</string>
<string name="view">View</string>
<string name="test_results_error">Couldn\'t create test results report.</string>
<string name="export">Export</string>
<string name="no_storage">Cannot save report to external storage, see log for details.</string>
<string name="report_saved">Report saved to: %s</string>
<!-- Strings for ReportViewerActivity -->
<string name="report_viewer">Report Viewer</string>
<!-- Strings for BackupTestActivity -->
<string name="backup_test">Data Backup Test</string>
<string name="backup_info">This test checks that data backup and automatic restore works
properly. The test activity lists some preferences and files that are backed up and
restored by the CTS Verifier. If backup and restore is working properly, these values
should be restored after running the backup manager, uninstalling the app, and reinstalling
the CTS Verifier.
\n\nPress the \"Generate Test Data\" to populate these values
and then follow the on screen instructions to finish the test.
<string name="bu_preferences">Preferences</string>
<string name="bu_files">Files</string>
<string name="bu_loading">Loading...</string>
<string name="bu_generate">Generate Test Data</string>
<string name="bu_generate_error">Error occurred while generating test data...</string>
<string name="bu_instructions">Random values for the preferences and files have been saved.
\n\nFollow the instructions below to check that the data backup and restore works:
\n\n1. Make sure backup and automatic restore are enabled in settings. Depending on the
backup transport supported by the device you may need to do additional steps. For instance
you may need to set a Google account as the backup account for the device.
\n\n2. Run the backup manager: adb shell bmgr run
\n\n3. Uninstall the program: adb uninstall
\n\n4. Reinstall the CTS Verifier and verify that the values are still the same.
<string name="bu_settings">Settings</string>
<!-- Strings for Device Administration tests -->
<string name="da_policy_serialization_test">Policy Serialization Test</string>
<string name="da_policy_serialization_info">This test checks that a device policy is properly
saved and loaded across reboots.\n\nPress the \"Generate Policy\" button to create
a random policy. Then press the \"Apply Policy\" button to apply the policy. Reboot the
device and verify that all rows in the policy list are green. Red items indicate policy
settings that were not loaded properly.
<string name="da_no_policy">1. Press the \"Generate Policy\" to create a random device
policy\n\n2. Press \"Apply Policy\" to put the policy into effect.\n\n3. Reboot your
device and return to this test in the CTS Verifier.
<string name="da_generate_policy">Generate Policy</string>
<string name="da_apply_policy">Apply Policy</string>
<string name="da_random_policy">Random policy generated.</string>
<string name="da_policy_reboot">Reboot your device and return to this CTS Verifier test.</string>
<string name="da_password_quality">Password Quality</string>
<string name="da_password_quality_alphabetic">Alphabetic</string>
<string name="da_password_quality_alphanumeric">Alphanumeric</string>
<string name="da_password_quality_numeric">Numeric</string>
<string name="da_password_quality_something">Something</string>
<string name="da_password_minimum_length">Minimum Password Length</string>
<string name="da_maximum_failed_passwords_for_wipe">Maximum Failed Passwords for Wipe</string>
<string name="da_maximum_time_to_lock">Maximum Time to Lock</string>
<string name="da_policy_info">Expected value: %1$s\nActual value: %2$s</string>
<string name="da_screen_lock_test">Screen Lock Test</string>
<string name="da_screen_lock_info">This test checks that the DevicePolicyManager\'s lockNow
method immediately locks the screen. It should lock the screen immediately despite any
settings that may specify a timeout.\n\nClick the \"Force Lock\" button to lock the screen.
Your screen should be locked and require the password to be entered.
<string name="da_force_lock">Force Lock</string>
<string name="da_lock_success">It appears the screen was locked successfully!</string>
<string name="da_lock_error">It does not look like the screen was locked...</string>
<!-- Strings for BluetoothActivity -->
<string name="bluetooth_test">Bluetooth Test</string>
<string name="bluetooth_test_info">The Bluetooth Control tests check whether or not the device
can disable and enable Bluetooth properly.\n\nThe Device Communication tests require two
devices to pair and exchange messages. The two devices must be:
\n\n1. a candidate device implementation running the software build to be tested
\n\n2. a separate device implementation already known to be compatible</string>
<string name="bt_control">Bluetooth Control</string>
<string name="bt_device_communication">Device Communication</string>
<string name="bt_toggle_bluetooth">Toggle Bluetooth</string>
<string name="bt_toggle_instructions">Disable and enable Bluetooth to successfully complete this test.</string>
<string name="bt_enable_bluetooth">Enable Bluetooth</string>
<string name="bt_disable_bluetooth">Disable Bluetooth</string>
<string name="bt_disabling">Disabling Bluetooth...</string>
<string name="bt_disabling_error">Could not disable Bluetooth...</string>
<string name="bt_connection_access_server">Connection Access Server</string>
<string name="bt_connection_access_client">Connection Access Client</string>
<string name="bt_connection_access_server_info">
Start the CTS Verifier on another device, start the Bluetooth test, and choose
\"Connection Access Client\" to setup the test.
\n\nFirst, unpair the devices via Bluetooth settings. Then connect the devices together
using the \"Make Discoverable\" and \"Pick Server\" buttons.
\n\nA connection access request should appear on the server and enable the pass button.
<string name="bt_connection_access_client_info">
Start the CTS Verifier on another device, start the Bluetooth test, and choose
\"Connection Access Server\" to complete the test.
\n\nMake the device acting as the server discoverable and connect to it via the
\"Pick Server\" button. Check that the server displays the connection access request
dialog. The client device does not need to do anything else.
<string name="bt_ca_dialog">Was the connection access request dialog shown?</string>
<string name="bt_ca_tips">
Tap the \"Bluetooth Settings\" button and check that both devices are not paired
before running the test.
\n\nUse the \"Make Discoverable\" and \"Pick Server\" buttons to connect the two Bluetooth
devices together and start the test.
<string name="bt_secure_server">Secure Server</string>
<string name="bt_secure_server_instructions">Start the CTS Verifier on another device, start the Bluetooth test, and choose \"Secure Client\" to complete the test.</string>
<string name="bt_insecure_server">Insecure Server</string>
<string name="bt_insecure_server_instructions">Start the CTS Verifier on another device, start the Bluetooth test, and choose \"Insecure Client\" to complete the test.</string>
<string name="bt_waiting">Waiting for client...</string>
<string name="bt_listening">Listening...</string>
<string name="bt_connecting">Connecting...</string>
<string name="bt_connected">Connected</string>
<string name="bt_received_messages">Received Messages</string>
<string name="bt_sent_messages">Sent Messages</string>
<string name="bt_no_messages">No messages</string>
<string name="bt_make_discoverable">Make Discoverable</string>
<string name="bt_pick_server">Pick Server</string>
<string name="bt_insecure_pairing_error_title">Pairing dialog shown?</string>
<string name="bt_insecure_pairing_error_message">Insecure connections should not show the pairing dialog!</string>
<string name="bt_secure_client">Secure Client</string>
<string name="bt_insecure_client">Insecure Client</string>
<string name="bt_device_picker">Device Picker</string>
<string name="bt_paired_devices">Paired Devices</string>
<string name="bt_new_devices">New Devices</string>
<string name="bt_no_devices">No devices</string>
<string name="bt_scan">Scan for Devices</string>
<string name="bt_scanning">Scanning...</string>
<string name="bt_unpair">Device must be unpaired via Bluetooth settings before completing the test.\n\nUnpair the device in settings, make the server discoverable, and rescan to pick this device.</string>
<string name="bt_settings">Bluetooth Settings</string>
<!-- Strings for FeatureSummaryActivity -->
<string name="feature_summary">Hardware/Software Feature Summary</string>
<string name="feature_summary_info">This is a test for...</string>
<string name="fs_disallowed">WARNING: device reports a disallowed feature name</string>
<string name="fs_missing_wifi_telephony">WARNING: device reports neither WiFi nor telephony</string>
<string name="fs_no_data">No data.</string>
<string name="fs_legend_good">standard feature reported by device</string>
<string name="fs_legend_indeterminate">optional feature not reported by device</string>
<string name="fs_legend_warning">non-standard feature reported by device</string>
<string name="fs_legend_error">required feature not reported, or forbidden feature reported</string>
<string name="empty"></string>
<!-- Strings for Location tests -->
<string name="location_gps_test">GPS Test</string>
<string name="location_gps_test_info">This test verifies basic GPS behavior
and callback scheduling.
Make sure the device has line of sight to GPS satellites
(for example, outside, or near a window)
and then press OK to run the automated tests.</string>
<!-- Strings for NfcTestActivity -->
<string name="nfc_test">NFC Test</string>
<string name="nfc_test_info">The Peer-to-Peer Data Exchange tests require two devices with
NFC enabled to exchange messages. One device must be the candidate device running the
software build to be tested, while the other device must be an implementation already
known to be compatible.\n\nThe Tag Verification tests check that your
device can properly read and write to tags of different technologies. The MIFARE
Ultralight test is only applicable for devices that support it.
<string name="nfc_not_enabled">NFC is not enabled!</string>
<string name="nfc_not_enabled_message">These tests require NFC to be enabled. Click the
button below to goto Settings and enable it.</string>
<string name="nfc_settings">NFC Settings</string>
<string name="ndef_push_not_enabled">NDEF Push is not enabled!</string>
<string name="ndef_push_not_enabled_message">These tests require Android Beam to be enabled.
Click the button below to goto NFC Sharing Settings and enable it.</string>
<string name="ndef_push_settings">NFC Sharing Settings</string>
<string name="nfc_pee_2_pee">Peer-to-Peer Data Exchange</string>
<string name="nfc_ndef_push_sender">NDEF Push Sender</string>
<string name="nfc_ndef_push_receiver">NDEF Push Receiver</string>
<string name="nfc_tag_verification">Tag Verification</string>
<string name="nfc_ndef">NDEF</string>
<string name="nfc_mifare_ultralight">MIFARE Ultralight</string>
<string name="nfc_ndef_push_sender_info">Start the \"CTS Verifier NDEF Receiver\" test on
another device and touch the devices back to back. The receiver should show a
dialog indicating it has successfully received the correct message!</string>
<string name="nfc_ndef_push_sender_instructions">Touch this device to the back of another
device running the \"CTS Verifier NDEF Receiver\"...</string>
<string name="nfc_ndef_push_receiver_info">Start the \"CTS Verifier NDEF Sender\" test on
another device and touch the devices back to back. The receiver should show a
dialog indicating it has successfully received the correct message!</string>
<string name="nfc_ndef_push_receiver_instructions">Touch this device to the back of another
device running the \"CTS Verifier NDEF Sender\"...</string>
<string name="nfc_ndef_push_receive_success">Successfully received the correct NDEF push
<string name="nfc_ndef_push_receive_failure">Failed to receive the correct NDEF push
<string name="nfc_tag_verifier">NFC Tag Verifier</string>
<string name="nfc_tag_verifier_info">Follow the on-screen instructions to write and read
a tag of the chosen technology.</string>
<string name="nfc_scan_tag">Place device on a writable %s tag...</string>
<string name="nfc_write_tag_title">Writable tag discovered!</string>
<string name="nfc_write_tag_message">Press OK to write to this tag...</string>
<string name="nfc_scan_tag_again">Tap the same %s tag again to confirm that its contents match...</string>
<string name="nfc_wrong_tag_title">Wrong type of tag scanned</string>
<string name="nfc_no_tech">No tag technologies detected...</string>
<string name="nfc_writing_tag">Writing NFC tag...</string>
<string name="nfc_writing_tag_error">Error writing NFC tag...</string>
<string name="nfc_reading_tag">Reading NFC tag...</string>
<string name="nfc_reading_tag_error">Error reading NFC tag...</string>
<string name="nfc_result_success">Test passed!</string>
<string name="nfc_result_failure">Test failed!</string>
<string name="nfc_result_message">Written data:\n%1$s\n\nRead data:\n%2$s</string>
<string name="nfc_ndef_content">Id: %1$s\nMime: %2$s\nPayload: %3$s</string>
<!-- Strings for AccelerometerTestActivity and GyroscopeTestActivity -->
<string name="snsr_accel_test">Accelerometer Test</string>
<string name="snsr_accel_test_info">This test verifies that the accelerometer is working properly. As you move the device around through space, the triangle should always point down (i.e. in the direction of gravity.) If it does not, the accelerometer is improperly configured.</string>
<string name="snsr_gyro_test">Gyroscope Test</string>
<string name="snsr_gyro_test_info">This test verifies that the gyroscope is working properly.\n\nRotate your device as shown by the 3D block. A green background or a check mark indicates that the gyroscope\'s value is correct. A red background or a X mark indicates that the gyroscope\'s value is not right.\n\nThere are 6 parts of the test corresponding to each rotation. Press Pass for all the stages to complete this test.</string>
<string name="snsr_gyro_test_progress">Test %1$d of %2$d</string>
<string name="snsr_gyro_test_no_gyro_title">No gyroscope?</string>
<string name="snsr_gyro_test_no_gyro_message">It doesn\'t seem like you have a gyroscope, so you don\'t need to run this test.</string>
<string name="snsr_gyro_test_degrees_title">Wrong units?</string>
<string name="snsr_gyro_test_degrees_message">These values looks like degrees per second. These should be radians per second!</string>
<!-- Strings for SuidFilesActivity -->
<string name="suid_files">SUID File Scanner</string>
<string name="suid_files_info">This test will attempt to find unauthorized SUID binaries, but it is not comprehensive due to permission restrictions.\n\nAuthorized SUID binaries will appear green, while unauthorized SUID binaries will appear red.\n\nPress OK to start the scan...</string>
<string name="scanning_directory">Scanning directory...</string>
<string name="file_status">User: %1$s\nGroup: %2$s\nPermissions: %3$s\nPath: %4$s</string>
<string name="no_file_status">Could not stat file...</string>
<string name="congratulations">Congratulations!</string>
<string name="no_suid_files">No unauthorized suid files detected!</string>
<!-- Strings for Camera Analyzer -->
<string name="camera_analyzer">Camera Analyzer</string>
<string name="ca_find_checkerboard_label">Find target</string>
<string name="ca_check_formats_label">Output formats</string>
<string name="ca_exposure_test_label">Exposure Comp.</string>
<string name="ca_result_label">Results will be here</string>
<string name="ca_wb_test_label">White Balance</string>
<string name="ca_lock_test_label">AE Lock</string>
<string name="ca_metering_label">Metering Area</string>
<string name="ca_focus_modes_label">Focus Modes</string>
<string name="ca_info">This test checks the image quality of the camera of this device. It requires a MacBeth 4x6 color checker. With an ADK board and a lamp connected to it on the Relay 1 port, all tests can be run automatically. Without the ADK board, all the tests except the Auto Exposure Lock Test can be run automatically and the Auto Exposure Lock Test will require users to turn on/off a lamp according to the instruction given. </string>
<!-- Strings for Camera Formats -->
<string name="camera_format">Camera Formats</string>
<string name="cf_info">This test checks that all the supported
output formats for camera preview callbacks work correctly, and
that the mandatory formats are available. \n - The left view shows
a standard preview window. \n - The right view shows the output
processed from camera preview callbacks. \n - For each camera,
resolution, and format combination in the dropdowns, the right
view should look the same as the left, and neither should have
streaks, lines, or other artifacts. \n - For front-facing cameras,
the right view must be horizontally mirrored relative to the left
view.\n - Note that the frame rate of the right view may be much
lower than on the left; this is not an indication of a failed
<string name="cf_preview_label">Normal preview</string>
<string name="cf_format_label">Processed callback data</string>
<!-- Strings for USB accessory test activity -->
<string name="usb_accessory_test">USB Accessory Test</string>
<string name="usb_accessory_test_info">
1. Connect your Android device to a computer and run the \'cts-usb-accessory\' program
included with the CTS Verifier bundle.
\n\n2. If you have not started the CTS Verifier, press \'OK\' when asked to open the CTS
Verifier when the accessory is connected. \n\nIf you are already in this test,
then you can press \'Cancel\' but press \'OK\' in the next dialog asking whether to allow
CTS Verifier to access the accessory.
\n\n3. You should see the accessory and the CTS Verifier display a series of messages
which indicates that the accessory support is working properly.
<string name="usb_not_available_title">USB accessory feature is not available?</string>
<string name="usb_not_available_message">If your device is supposed to support USB accessories, your API implementation is not behaving correctly!</string>
<string name="usb_received_messages">Received Messages</string>
<string name="usb_sent_messages">Sent Messages</string>
<string name="usb_no_messages">No messages</string>
<string name="usb_message_thread_started">Starting message processing...</string>
<string name="usb_message_thread_exception">Exception occurred while processing a message...</string>
<string name="usb_message_thread_ended">Stopping message processing...</string>
<string name="usb_test_passed">Received all expected messages. Pass button enabled!</string>
<string name="usb_file_descriptor_error">Could not open file descriptor for USB accessory... try reconnecting and restarting the accessory?</string>
<!-- Strings for StreamingVideoActivity -->
<string name="streaming_video">Streaming Video Quality Verifier</string>
<string name="streaming_video_info">This is a test for assessing the quality of streaming videos. Play each stream and verify that the video is smooth and in sync with the audio, and that there are no quality problems.</string>
<string name="sv_no_data">No videos.</string>
<string name="sv_failed_title">Test Failed</string>
<string name="sv_failed_message">Unable to play stream. See log for details.</string>
<!-- Strings for P2pTestActivity -->
<string name="p2p_test">Wi-Fi Direct Test</string>
<string name="p2p_test_info">
The Wi-Fi Direct tests require two devices with Wi-Fi Direct enabled to exchange
messages. One device must be the candidate device running the software build to
be tested, while the other device must be an implementation already known to be
compatible.\n\nOne device should start the requester test, and the other should
start the responder test. Your device must pass both requester and responder
<string name="p2p_service_discovery">Service Discovery</string>
<string name="p2p_service_discovery_responder_test">
Service Discovery Responder Test</string>
<string name="p2p_service_discovery_requester_test">
Service Discovery Requester Test</string>
<string name="p2p_service_discovery_responder">Service Discovery Responder</string>
<string name="p2p_service_discovery_requester">Service Discovery Requester</string>
<string name="p2p_service_discovery_responder_info">
Start the \"Service Discovery Requester Test\" on the other device and follow
the instructions.</string>
<string name="p2p_service_discovery_requester_info">
Start the \"Service Discovery Responder Test\" on the other device.
Then run each test individually by clicking on it\'s name.</string>
<string name="p2p_not_enabled">Wi-Fi is not enabled</string>
<string name="p2p_not_enabled_message">These tests require Wi-Fi to be enabled.
Click the button below to go to system settings and enable Wi-Fi.</string>
<string name="p2p_settings">Wi-Fi Direct Settings</string>
<string name="p2p_result_success">Test passed successfully.</string>
<string name="p2p_responder_ready">
The Responder is now ready to start. Start the \"Service Discovery
Requester Test\" test on the other device.</string>
<string name="p2p_setup_error">
Test failed.\n\nSet up error. Check whether Wi-Fi can be enabled.</string>
<string name="p2p_unexpected_error">
Test failed.\n\nUnexpected error. Check logcat.</string>
<string name="p2p_add_local_service_error">
Test failed.\n\nFailed to add local service.</string>
<string name="p2p_add_service_request_error">
Test failed.\n\nFailed to add service request.</string>
<string name="p2p_remove_service_request_error">
Test failed.\n\nFailed to remove service request.</string>
<string name="p2p_clear_service_requests_error">
Test failed.\n\nFailed to clear service requests.</string>
<string name="p2p_discover_peers_error">
Test failed.\n\nFailed to discover peers.</string>
<string name="p2p_discover_services_error">
Test failed.\n\nFailed to discover services.</string>
<string name="p2p_no_service_requests_error">
Test failed.\n\n\"NO_SERVICE_REQUESTS\" error did not occurred.</string>
<string name="p2p_receive_invalid_response_error">
Test failed.\n\nReceived an invalid message or could not receive
the expected message.\n\n</string>
<string name="p2p_target_not_found_error">Test failed.\n\n
The target responder device was NOT found. Start up the responder
test on the other device, then run the test again.</string>
<string name="p2p_search_target">Search Target</string>
<string name="p2p_searching_target">Searching for target device ...</string>
<string name="p2p_executing_test">Checking the service discovery capability ...</string>