StartPreview only after setting fps range paramters

Starting the preview before setting fps range causes
first supported fps range to be set while preview is
running in a different(default) fps range. This can
cause teh fps range for the first supported fps range
to be inaccurately measured.

Signed-off-by: Akwasi Boateng <>

Change-Id: Ica6011f04dde0a5c7d801f94595916b004464d24
diff --git a/tests/tests/hardware/src/android/hardware/cts/ b/tests/tests/hardware/src/android/hardware/cts/
index 2dd09b6..7650560 100644
--- a/tests/tests/hardware/src/android/hardware/cts/
+++ b/tests/tests/hardware/src/android/hardware/cts/
@@ -1490,7 +1490,6 @@
     private void testPreviewFpsRangeByCamera(int cameraId) throws Exception {
-        mCamera.startPreview();
         // Test if the parameters exists and minimum fps <= maximum fps.
         int[] defaultFps = new int[2];