Update full alarm test requirements

- Only require showing vibrate option iff device has vibrator.
- Only require showing ringtone option iff device has speaker.

Change-Id: I9081edf5a9a50378308d8641c8872da99bcdf27f
diff --git a/apps/CtsVerifier/res/values/strings.xml b/apps/CtsVerifier/res/values/strings.xml
index 6c2e333..487cb4b 100644
--- a/apps/CtsVerifier/res/values/strings.xml
+++ b/apps/CtsVerifier/res/values/strings.xml
@@ -1342,8 +1342,8 @@
         1. Press the "Create Alarm" button.\n
         2. Verify that you see one alarm with the following information:\n
            Name of alarm: Create Alarm Test. \n
-           Vibrate: on.\n
-           Ringtone: silent.\n
+           Vibrate: on. (if the device supports vibrate).\n
+           Ringtone: silent. (if the device has a speaker).\n
            Time:  01:23. \n
            Repeating on: Monday and Wednesday. \n