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--- a/6_dev-tools-and-options/
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@@ -98,7 +98,10 @@
     *   [C-SR] Are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to provide, through the perfetto binary,
         at least the data sources described  in [the perfetto documentation](
+*    [**Low Memory Killer**](
+    *   [C-0-10] MUST write a `LMK_KILL_OCCURRED_FIELD_NUMBER` Atom to the
+        statsd log when an app is terminated by the [Low Memory Killer](
 *    [**Test Harness Mode**](
     If device implementations support the shell command `cmd testharness` and
     run `cmd testharness enable`, they:
diff --git a/9_security-model/ b/9_security-model/
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--- a/9_security-model/
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@@ -133,6 +133,10 @@
      [`Content Capture`](
      API or a similarly capable, proprietary API.
+*    Any text or other data sent via the [`TextClassifier API`](
+     to the System TextClassifier i.e to the system service to understand
+     the meaning of text, as well as generating predicted next actions based on
+     the text.
 If device implementations capture the data above, they: