5.9. Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)

If device implementations report support for feature android.software.midi via the android.content.pm.PackageManager class, they:

  • [C-1-1] MUST support MIDI over all MIDI-capable hardware transports for which they provide generic non-MIDI connectivity, where such transports are:
*   USB host mode, [section 7.7](#7_7_USB)
*   MIDI over Bluetooth LE acting in central role, [section 7.4.3](#7_4_3_bluetooth)
  • [C-1-2] MUST support the inter-app MIDI software transport (virtual MIDI devices)

  • [C-1-3] MUST include libamidi.so (native MIDI support)

  • SHOULD support MIDI over USB peripheral mode, section 7.7