6.2. Developer Options

Android includes support for developers to configure application development-related settings.

Device implementations MUST provide a consistent experience for Developer Options, they:

  • [C-0-1] MUST honor the android.settings.APPLICATION_DEVELOPMENT_SETTINGS intent to show application development-related settings. The upstream Android implementation hides the Developer Options menu by default and enables users to launch Developer Options after pressing seven (7) times on the Settings > About Device > Build Number menu item.
  • [C-0-2] MUST hide Developer Options by default.
  • [C-0-3] MUST provide a clear mechanism that does not give preferential treatment to one third-party app as opposed to another to enable Developer Options. MUST provide a public visible document or website that describes how to enable Developer Options. This document or website MUST be linkable from the Android SDK documents.
  • SHOULD have an ongoing visual notification to the user when Developer Options is enabled and the safety of the user is of concern.
  • MAY temporarily limit access to the Developer Options menu, by visually hiding or disabling the menu, to prevent distraction for scenarios where the safety of the user is of concern.