8.5. Consistent Performance

Performance can fluctuate dramatically for high-performance long-running apps, either because of the other apps running in the background or the CPU throttling due to temperature limits. Android includes programmatic interfaces so that when the device is capable, the top foreground application can request that the system optimize the allocation of the resources to address such fluctuations.

Device implementations:

If device implementations report support of Sustained Performance Mode, they:

  • [C-1-1] MUST provide the top foreground application a consistent level of performance for at least 30 minutes, when the app requests it.
  • [C-1-2] MUST honor the Window.setSustainedPerformanceMode() API and other related APIs.

If device implementations include two or more CPU cores, they:

  • SHOULD provide at least one exclusive core that can be reserved by the top foreground application.

If device implementations support reserving one exclusive core for the top foreground application, they:

  • [C-2-1] MUST report through the Process.getExclusiveCores() API method the ID numbers of the exclusive cores that can be reserved by the top foreground application.
  • [C-2-2] MUST not allow any user space processes except the device drivers used by the application to run on the exclusive cores, but MAY allow some kernel processes to run as necessary.

If device implementations do not support an exclusive core, they: