3.14. Media UI

If device implementations include non-voice-activated applications (the Apps) that interact with third-party applications through MediaBrowser or MediaSession, the Apps:

  • [C-1-2] MUST clearly display icons obtained via getIconBitmap() or getIconUri() and titles obtained via getTitle() as described in MediaDescription. May shorten titles to comply with safety regulations (e.g. driver distraction).

  • [C-1-3] MUST show the third-party application icon whenever displaying content provided by this third-party application.

  • [C-1-4] MUST allow the user to interact with the entire MediaBrowser hierarchy. MAY restrict the access to part of the hierarchy to comply with safety regulations (e.g. driver distraction), but MUST NOT give preferential treatment based on content or content provider.

  • [C-1-5] MUST consider double tap of KEYCODE_HEADSETHOOK or KEYCODE_MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE as KEYCODE_MEDIA_NEXT for MediaSession.Callback#onMediaButtonEvent.