8.4. Power Consumption Accounting

A more accurate accounting and reporting of the power consumption provides the app developer both the incentives and the tools to optimize the power usage pattern of the application.

Device implementations:

  • [SR] STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to provide a per-component power profile that defines the current consumption value for each hardware component and the approximate battery drain caused by the components over time as documented in the Android Open Source Project site.
  • [SR] STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to report all power consumption values in milliampere hours (mAh).
  • [SR] STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to report CPU power consumption per each process's UID. The Android Open Source Project meets the requirement through the uid_cputime kernel module implementation.
  • [SR] STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to make this power usage available via the adb shell dumpsys batterystats shell command to the app developer.
  • SHOULD be attributed to the hardware component itself if unable to attribute hardware component power usage to an application.