10.2. CTS Verifier

The CTS Verifier is included with the Compatibility Test Suite, and is intended to be run by a human operator to test functionality that cannot be tested by an automated system, such as correct functioning of a camera and sensors.

Device implementations:

  • [C-0-1] MUST correctly execute all applicable cases in the CTS verifier.

The CTS Verifier has tests for many kinds of hardware, including some hardware that is optional.

Device implementations:

  • [C-0-2] MUST pass all tests for hardware that they possess; for instance, if a device possesses an accelerometer, it MUST correctly execute the Accelerometer test case in the CTS Verifier.

Test cases for features noted as optional by this Compatibility Definition Document MAY be skipped or omitted.

  • [C-0-2] Every device and every build MUST correctly run the CTS Verifier, as noted above. However, since many builds are very similar, device implementers are not expected to explicitly run the CTS Verifier on builds that differ only in trivial ways. Specifically, device implementations that differ from an implementation that has passed the CTS Verifier only by the set of included locales, branding, etc. MAY omit the CTS Verifier test.