9.16. Application Data Migration

If device implementations include a capability to migrate data from a device to another device and do not limit the application data it copies to what is configured by the application developer in the manifest via android:fullBackupContent attribute, they:

  • [C-1-1] MUST NOT initiate transfers of application data from devices on which the user has not set a primary authentication as described in 9.11.1 Secure Lock Screen and Authentication.
  • [C-1-2] MUST securely confirm the primary authentication on the source device and confirm with the user intent to copy the data on the source device before any data is transferred.
  • [C-1-3] MUST use security key attestation to ensure that both the source device and the target device in the device-to-device migration are legitimate Android devices and have a locked bootloader.
  • [C-1-4] MUST only migrate application data to the same application on the target device, with the same package name AND signing certificate.
  • [C-1-5] MUST show an indication that the source device has had data migrated by a device-to-device data migration in the settings menu. A user SHOULD NOT be able to remove this indication.