CDD:  Relax GL_OVR_multiview_multisampled_render_to_texture requirement. am: c6968ec0ac am: 7c78eac264

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diff --git a/3_software/ b/3_software/
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+++ b/3_software/
@@ -521,12 +521,7 @@
 If device implementations support multi-window mode(s), and the split screen
 mode, they:
-*   [C-2-1] MUST preload a [resizeable](
-    launcher as the default.
-*   [C-2-2] MUST crop the docked activity of a split-screen multi-window but
-    SHOULD show some content of it, if the Launcher app is the focused window.
-*   [C-2-3] MUST honor the declared [`AndroidManifestLayout_minWidth`](
+*   [C-2-1] MUST honor the declared [`AndroidManifestLayout_minWidth`](
     and [`AndroidManifestLayout_minHeight`](