add rules to start cuttlefish device and execute the test executable

The rules is copied from atest codebase:
tools/asuite/atest/bazel/resources/rules directory. Atest's RBE code
will be cleaned up and Atest will reuse code from this repository.

Test: b test  //packages/modules/adb:adbd_test  --test_output=streamed --//build/bazel_common_rules/rules/remote_device:build_id=10773279 --config=remote_avd --test_timeout=300 --verbose_failures --config=bes_metrics --remote_instance_name=projects/pesto-device-test-experimental/instances/default_instance (together with
Bug: 294922473
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Bazel Common Rules

This directory contains common Bazel rules and tools shared between the Platform and Kernel builds.

For platform-specific rules, place them in the platform checkout's //build/bazel/rules directory.

For kernel-specific rules, place them in kernel checkout's //build/kleaf directory.