kleaf: Skip out* dirs during TEST_MAPPING lookup

* The `${ROOT_DIR}/out*` directory should be excluded while
searching for TEST_MAPPING files when using the debug flag
`--sandbox_debug`, as it might contain inaccessible dirs.

* This will exclude folders like `out` and `out_abi`.

Bug: 257341739
Change-Id: I7d6f79ab343940399de608725ef7dca710cffac2
Signed-off-by: Ulises Mendez Martinez <umendez@google.com>
1 file changed
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Bazel Common Rules

This directory contains common Bazel rules and tools shared between the Platform and Kernel builds.

For platform-specific rules, place them in the platform checkout's //build/bazel/rules directory.

For kernel-specific rules, place them in kernel checkout's //build/kleaf directory.