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# locate some directories
cd "$(dirname $0)"
cd ../..
message='usage: tapas [<App1> <App2> ...] [arm|x86|mips|arm64|x86_64|mips64] [eng|userdebug|user]
tapas selects individual apps to be built by the Android build system. Unlike
"lunch", "tapas" does not request the building of images for a device.
Additionally, an app built with "tapas" will have its dex file inside its apk,
which should cause it to be suitable for installing on any api-compatible
device. In other words, "tapas" configures the build of unbundled apps.
The names <App1> <App2> ... should match LOCAL_PACKAGE_NAME as defined in an
The usage of the other arguments matches that of the rest of the platform
build system and can be found by running `m help`'
echo "$message"