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# locate some directories
cd "$(dirname $0)"
cd ../..
message='usage: banchan <module> ... [<product>|arm|x86|arm64|x86_64] [eng|userdebug|user]
banchan selects individual APEX modules to be built by the Android build system.
Like "tapas", "banchan" does not request the building of images for a device but
instead configures it for an unbundled build of the given modules, suitable for
installing on any api-compatible device.
The difference from "tapas" is that "banchan" sets the appropriate products etc
for building APEX modules rather than apps (APKs).
The module names should match apex{} modules in Android.bp files, typically
starting with "".
The product argument should be a product name ending in "_<arch>", where <arch>
is one of arm, x86, arm64, x86_64. It can also be just an arch, in which case
the standard product for building modules with that architecture is used, i.e.
The usage of the other arguments matches that of the rest of the platform
build system and can be found by running `m help`'
echo "$message"