Don't remove R class to fix the build.

Unfortunately there is checked in the source tree that gets built
into static library.
So we have to find a way to delete classes from generated by the
build system on the fly.

Change-Id: I2d82d28234cecbf6dd5b02b2dd4f7dbd47e3b626
diff --git a/core/ b/core/
index f16b4c9..60cd063 100644
--- a/core/
+++ b/core/
@@ -1424,7 +1424,7 @@
     unzip -qo $$f -d $(2); \
     (cd $(2) && rm -rf META-INF); \
-  $(hide) find $(2) -name 'R.class' -o -name 'R$$*.class' -o -name 'Manifest.class' -o -name 'Manifest$$*.class' | xargs rm -rf
+  # $(hide) find $(2) -name 'R.class' -o -name 'R$$*.class' -o -name 'Manifest.class' -o -name 'Manifest$$*.class' | xargs rm -rf
 # Common definition to invoke javac on the host and target.