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source build/
# This function prefixes the given command with appropriate variables needed
# for the build to be executed with RBE.
function use_rbe() {
local RBE_LOG_DIR="/tmp"
local RBE_BINARIES_DIR="prebuilts/remoteexecution-client/latest/"
# Do not set an invocation-ID and let reproxy auto-generate one.
USE_RBE="true" \
FLAG_server_address="unix:///tmp/reproxy_$RANDOM.sock" \
FLAG_exec_root="$(gettop)" \
FLAG_platform="container-image=docker://${DOCKER_IMAGE}" \
RBE_use_application_default_credentials="true" \
RBE_log_dir="${RBE_LOG_DIR}" \
RBE_reproxy_wait_seconds="20" \
RBE_output_dir="${RBE_LOG_DIR}" \
RBE_log_path="text://${RBE_LOG_DIR}/reproxy_log.txt" \
RBE_CXX_EXEC_STRATEGY="remote_local_fallback" \
RBE_cpp_dependency_scanner_plugin="${RBE_BINARIES_DIR}/" \
RBE_re_proxy="${RBE_BINARIES_DIR}/reproxy" \
# This function detects if the uploader is available and sets the path of it to
function _export_metrics_uploader() {
local uploader_path="$(gettop)/vendor/google/misc/metrics_uploader_prebuilt/"
if [ -x "${uploader_path}" ]; then
export ANDROID_ENABLE_METRICS_UPLOAD="${uploader_path}"
# This function sets RBE specific environment variables needed for the build to
# executed by RBE. This file should be sourced once per checkout of Android code.
function _set_rbe_vars() {
export USE_RBE="true"
export RBE_CXX_EXEC_STRATEGY="remote_local_fallback"
export RBE_JAVAC=1
export RBE_R8=1
export RBE_D8=1